A Look at Behind the Scenes of Child Trafficking

What often comes to mind when one hears the phrase, “Child Trafficking”, is a picture of slimy-looking men, driven by their greed and lust for more money.  But this recent report by CNN paints a heart-wrenching look at the mothers who sold their own daughters.

Yes, you read that correctly, mothers in Cambodia who are driven through abject poverty, illness in the family or by loan-shark extortionists to give up their own daughters into the sex trade to supply for their family in dire need.

This article paints an accurate and complex portrait of the various situations these mothers found themselves in, and the dire response they were driven to by the lack of hope for change in their future.  These three women sold their daughters, ranging in age from 12 to 14 years old, to men who wanted sex with a virgin for a price.  This then led to place their children into brothels so the supply of funding for the family could continue.

It’s a complex tale of the absence of hope, poverty, the lack of value of a child and the raw market demand of men desiring sex with a child.  Our hearts break, and we know that the Father’s heart must also break over the brokenness of mankind at all levels.

Continue to join us as we press in to break this chain of bondage that is so prevalent in Cambodia.  Our workers on the ground there continually hear stories such as the one that CNN portrays in this article below, and we are adding our faith to yours to make a difference in the lives of the people there, one by one.

Being His Hands and Feet

God has creative ways to reach the lost, telling us to behold the new thing that He is doing.  He doesn’t desire cookie-cutter ministry but instead wants to show each person His love in a real and tangible way.  When we seek His strategies, He will give us His answers.

During a recent Operation Justice Outreach School, in Phnom Penh, our team did just that.  We sought God’s heart for the community and showed them His love in ways they could see and receive.  In one of the slums we minister to, nearly all of the women are working in prostitution.  These women are living in extreme poverty, many with alcohol and drug additions, few having ever experienced real love, and many never having heard the name of Jesus.


When our team strategized for an outreach that would directly minister to them, we saw a ”beauty salon”.  Several of the women on our team were skilled in salon services, including cutting hair, nails, and ear candling.  Since many of the girls living in this community valued their appearance but had little money to pay for salon services, we saw this as a perfect way to reach out to them.

So, we brought the salon to the slum!  We setup stations where our team washed, de-liced, and cut hair.  We also offered a service called ear candling that helps with inner ear hygiene, and we manicured nails.  After their spa experience, the girls received gift bags and personal prayer ministry.  Several of the women chose to receive the Lord that night, and all of the women felt God’s love in meaningful and tangible ways.  There was so much joy in the slum by the time we left, as the truth of God’s love was revealed through a simple yet real experience.


Jehovah Rapha

Last week marked the end of our November Outreach School.  What a privilege it was to partner with persons from six different nations who all came together to release God’s heart through prayer, worship, and outreach ministry.  Together, we saw God move powerfully to save, heal, and deliver.

One of my favorite outreaches was ministering God’s love to the sick in a local Phnom Penh hospital.  Due to the number of sick persons and the quality of care, this outreach can be difficult, but God always shows up in big ways and proves himself as “The Lord our Healer”.

9_PackagesOur team brought food and hygiene products to meet immediate needs, while also offering prayer and ministry for those that were sick.  In one particular case, a child had severe kidney failure, which resulted in yellow skin and green lips.  After the team prayed, the patient felt significantly better, and our team witnessed the lips change color (from green to pink) before their eyes!  Some of the other patients in the room were astonished at the healing that just took place and decided to receive the Lord when they saw this miracle.

Another man with TB experienced the fire of God when our team prayed for him and felt significantly better after God touched his immune system.

9_ManPerhaps the hardest case was a man that was uncared for and completely overlooked.  This man had been laying in his own urine and feces for what looked like days.  He was unable to sit, walk, or care for himself and had only one son who was unable to continually be there to tend to his needs.  As a result, he had rotten food and no one to bathe or change him.  Our team was able to shower him, change his soiled clothes and linens, and get him something to eat.  We prayed for him and witnessed a transformation, as God touched him with His love, meeting all of his needs.

Many that were healed also received the Lord as their Savior, and we watched God touch each person in such a personal and tangible way.  His love never fails!


Are You a Leader Bringing Change in Human Trafficking?

Are you a leader in some sphere of the business or ministry world?  Are you looking to set an example and make an impact in the area of sex trafficking?

Then our Leader’s Tour next Spring is for you!  Patricia will personally lead a group of 20-25 leader’s on a tour along the trafficking routes in Thailand and Cambodia.


The tour starts in Bangkok, where trafficking at all levels is a huge humanitarian crisis.  Women, boys and girls of all ages are forced into horrific situations, selling their bodies and souls to the many international tourists.  Visit the Red Light District, as well as a ministry that is working to rescue women, one life at a time.

From there, the tour heads down to Pattaya, still known as one of the sex tourist capitals of the world.  Walk the streets where it’s easy to find a child for sex within about five minutes of entering the territory.  Listen to the many stories of children we have found and rescued with the help of local police.  Make an impact in this region where trafficking is more than just a statistic on a page.

From there, the group will fly down to Phnom Penh, where we work with local agencies to repatriate the Cambodian children rescued in Thailand.  See the ongoing work, meet the many heroes that are bringing light and love to these precious children, giving them a hope and a future!

Join Patricia as she guides the group through this life-changing tour from April 29 – May 3, 2014.  Click here for additional information.

An Update on the Trafficked Kids from Pattaya

One of our biggest goals as a ministry is to help Cambodian children trafficked into Thailand be set free and reintegrate them back in Cambodia.  When we first started, we realized that ‘rescuing’ a child from the street is not enough.  Rescuing means a full & complete solution for the child – it means a safe home, an education and a healing program back home in their own country.

We hit many roadblocks along the way but we had some major victories as well.  We never, ever gave up on the kids.  The two cases below are testimonies of God’s love for these children despite lengthy legal processes and a challenging reintegration process that seemed impossible at times!

The trafficked children that we help will need care and prayers well into adulthood, as many of them suffer emotional and physical damage, and as we all know, it’s a life-long journey into full spiritual healing and restoration before the Father.

We wanted to share an update from two brave little girls below.  Please also take a moment to pray for them:


JennyJenny, who is now 10 years old, was resold twice in Pattaya to different traffickers, beaten and abused and then kept in a shelter in Bangkok that houses 400 women – many of them with very difficult and violent backgrounds.

It took us over a year to get her from the Bangkok shelter to being reintegrated into an amazing home in Cambodia.  She arrived at the border last week and she is now in a top facility, specializing in the care of sexually abused girls, where she will receive counseling and education.  God’s promises are always fulfilled!  Please continue praying for her and her healing. Her life has been a testimony from the time we found her scared and abused on the streets of Pattaya to the moment her future unfolded in her new home in Cambodia.


BeckyBecky, who was 9 years old when she first came to us, was found on the street in Pattaya after she was sold by her grandmother in Cambodia to a Thai trafficker.  The police found her and she was moved to five different homes in Pattaya.  Because of racial prejudices, no one wanted to house a Cambodian girl.  She escaped from the last home and was living on the streets when we found her.  Because of the sexual abuse, Becky had several infections and TB.  Her health is still recovering from the life that she was forced to live because she was trafficked.

9_Photo1_DinosaurBecky is currently sick with a lung infection.  She is doing much better emotionally and has one-on-one education in her new home.  Please pray for her health and cover her in protection and healing.  We will not allow the enemy to steal her destiny in the name of Jesus!