“It’s a Difficult Job.”

Children are trafficked for many reasons – for cheap labor, for additional household income in poverty-stricken regions and also for sexual purposes.  One of those sexual purposes is for the production of pornography, to be sold across the internet many times over.  With the internet making anonymity easier and easier, many men have fallen into the trap of watching “kiddie porn”, with horrific consequences for all.

Thankfully, there are men and women in the justice system who investigate, track and bring to justice those that fall into this horrible snare of child pornography.  It’s a very challenging job to track the perpetrators of this crime, especially when the investigators have to collect and the view the horrific images shared among the online networks.  Often these investigators are parents themselves, and one can only imagine the challenges of their job.  Pray for the Lord to give them the extra grace to deal with this part of their job – as one investigator said in a recent bust, “It’s a difficult job”, referring to watching children as young as 6 months old get sexually molested, even tortured, for other people’s perverse pleasure.

One such recent case in Canada brought charges to 10 people, ranging in ages from 22 up to 65 years old.  In California, another man was recently arrested for producing and distributing child porn.  Even more disturbing was that he had been a Sunday School teacher.

We are thankful for teams of men and women willing to go through months and months of investigation to bring justice in this very challenging and heart-wrenching area.

Pray for all the victims of child pornography – God is hearing their cries and bringing about justice, no matter how difficult the job.

Project LIFE

Every year 55 million unborn children are aborted worldwide.  Every day 150,685, every hour 6,278, and every minute 105 unborn children lose their lives.  Those are the reported cases.  Please join us in prayer for the unborn.  These are some of the most at-risk children in the world.

In Cambodia, it’s estimated that 2 in 3 women have had an abortion.  A relatively non-existent social welfare system, limited/almost closed adoption services, and coerced abortions have left many Cambodian women feeling helpless and without options.  The majority are uneducated about their bodies and few see any hope or value for the life inside of them.

We believe that God is raising up an army to fight for justice and to protect the rights of children around the world, especially those in the womb.  Next month, XPMissions is partnering with Faytene Grasseschi and the Back to Life Cambodia team for a strategic time of prayer and life focused outreaches, trainings, and related seminars.  Please pray for our time together (May 26 – June 8).  We will be hosting trainings for women in the community, local non-governmental organizations, and pastors to educate and bring awareness to this important issue.

There is strong correlation between abortion and human trafficking.  You cannot stop one without stopping the other.  Their growth patterns are very similar and are increasing worldwide.  We believe that creating value for life, and life from the womb, is an important step in anti-trafficking prevention.

XPMissions is pioneering a new project, called Project LIFE, which will educate women in the community on life issues.  We are also making plans for a crisis pregnancy center and women’s rehabilitation homes that will serve to assist in care and counsel for women who find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations.

Together, we can make a great impact to protect children at-risk.  Join us in the fight!

To join our prayer team please email cambodia@xpmissions.com .

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Prostitution is Not a Choice!

Every week our team ministers to women and children living in slum and street dwelling communities.  These at-risk areas are full of poverty, corruption, and injustice.  Many are living in situations of modern-day slavery, trapped by their situations and living day-to-day only to survive.

This week several of the women there shared their stories.

As the ladies shared, we noticed that although slightly different, their stories were entirely the same.  They all had the same story of poverty and pain, and all of the women had encountered some situation or person that forced them into prostitution.  Prostitution is not a choice!

  1. One of the ladies shared that her boyfriend had sold her into prostitution.  He had persuaded her to go to Thailand for better job opportunities, and once she was there, he sold her to a mama-san that locked her in a room and held her captive.  When she begged to go home, she was told she had a debt and had to stay until she paid what was owed.  She was forced to service 7 – 10 men for sex per day and needed to work one full year before she was finally released.  When she returned from Thailand, she was considered “used” and without job skills.  So she continued to work in prostitution, and today still finds herself in the same position – trapped in sexual exploitation.
  2. Another lady we met with shared that her family was in great poverty when she was younger.  Her father had died, and her mother couldn’t support her with all of her siblings.  Since she was one of the older children, she had to collect garbage and recyclables to make money for the family.  She tried to make enough money collecting garbage but was unable to earn enough.  She had no job skills and little education.  So, at the age of 15, she began to sell herself for money.  She hated what she was doing but knew no other way to provide for her family.  The pressure was great, and she ended up trapped in years of abuse and sexual slavery.  Just recently she escaped the cycle of prostitution and is now married with a child.  She said she hopes she never has to do that again, but her husband is not getting enough money to support the family, so she is considering once again selling herself for sex.  Her husband directs traffic and collects garbage on the street, and her dream is to learn to sew and someday open her own clothing store.

Both women cried out for help that day.  XPMissions is working with several outside persons and organizations to get these women alternative job training.  It’s our hope that their destinies will be changed – that they will be free from the bonds of slavery.  We will do whatever it takes to get them there.


Their backgrounds are also identical to the current situation of the children we are working with.  These children are extremely at-risk, and if they don’t get help, their futures are likely to be the same as that of the women.

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Why is There So Much Violence Against the Poor?

In nations where poverty is rampant, there is another huge injustice that is also very prevalent – violence against the poor.  It’s an issue that people are often unaware of, yet there is a very real connection between violence and poverty.

There is often nothing shielding the poor from violent people, as even though laws may be in place, there is very little recourse for the poor if those laws are broken.  Lack of finances and lack of knowledge combine to stop the victim in their tracks.  Often police and law officials are corrupt, so even if a person seeks justice, many times it goes no further up the chain.  And many times, fear of reprisal stops victims of violence before they even talk to anyone.  Basic public justice systems in the developed world are very broken and sometimes totally collapsed.

The sale of children for sexual exploitation is one of the most hideous forms of violence, and it happens most frequently among the poor.  They are often illegally confined, raped and subjected to mind-crushing abuse of every form, yet often have very little recourse, as many times it’s the high-up officials that are involved.

One organization that is doing a wonderful work in the area of bringing justice to the poor is International Justice Mission.  Listen to their founder talk about this very issue:


We also need to tackle this issue of justice for the poor with PRAYER!  We love the verse found in Psalm 89:14:

”Righteousness and justice make up the foundation of your throne; gracious love and truth meet before you.” (Int’l Standard Version)

We want to pull down heaven’s throne of justice into the poorest areas of the earth!

The Many Layers of Injustice

Justice can come in many forms… in as many forms as needed to fight the multiple layers of injustice!

When one comes to understand the multiplicity of injustices that impede the nation of Cambodia, there remains much room for prayer, for action and for intervention to right these wrongs.

One such area is the practice of destitute Cambodian mothers selling their virgin daughters to powerful and influential men, such as high-ranking officials, military or police members, who sometimes rape them for the better part of a week.

This is a part of the human trafficking scenario that is so challenging for other mothers to hear of – how could a loving mother willingly put her daughter through such horrific abuse for mere financial gain?  Yet it happens many times over.  In some slum areas, almost every teenage girl is sold for her virginity.

There are many layers of false & unjust beliefs that lead to such a horrific situation, and here are some of them:

  • Women are worth less than men – this is a common belief in the Cambodian mind
  • a child is there to serve the parent – a child holds less value than an adult, hence they are dispensable to serve the adult needs in the household
  • powerful & influential men are beyond the ways of justice in the nation where corruption prevails
  • having sex with a virgin will bring good luck and good health
  • short-term gain for the family is worth the long-term pain of the child

These injustices are deeply ingrained ways of thinking that go against the heart of the Father for His children.  The nation of Cambodia must be mentored into justice, changing the hearts & minds of the people in order to bring about justice at the grass-roots level – in the minds of the mothers who willingly give over their children, aged 12-17, for paid sex.

Pray for justice to come to the mindsets of people, so that a foundation of righteousness can begin to prevail in the nation of Cambodia.

To read more about the horrors of mothers selling their virgin daughters, read this article.